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Answers to Certification Questions may cause delays.

On the renewal application, the following question(s) was/were answered as 'No':

Minimum Operating Schedule - During the license term, the station has not meet the minimum operating schedule requirements for at least one period of 30 or more consecutive days.

Discontinued Operations - At the time of renewal filing, it was reported by the applicant that the station had discontinued operations.

It is important to remember that if the FCC has not taken a final action (either a grant or dismissal at the time the license is due to expire, the station may continue to broadcast until the FCC either takes action or the station is otherwise directed by the FCC. Please watch for any written correspondence from the FCC if you receive such an inquiry, follow the instructions and answer truthfully and as complete as possible.

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The FCC normally starts granting renewal applications about 2 weeks prior to the expiration date of the license. Many stations have reported not receiving any kind of indication from the FCC of an authorization. Please come back to this tool around your license expiration date to check status and to print an authorization to go into your station records.

If your application is not yet granted and the expiration has passed, as long as you have filed the renewal, your station is authorized to broadcast while the FCC processes the renewal application.

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