REC announces a temporary embargo on work requests from August 2~13, 2021

Due to the volume of requests that we have received for the upcoming NCE Window, REC is going to declare a limited temporary embargo on work requests between August 2 through August 13, 2021.  This embargo gives us some time to concentrate on the individual requests that have been received in response to our show of interest opportunity for the upcoming NCE filing window, scheduled for November.  We may lift this embargo prior to August 13 if we get more caught up.  

Exceptions to the embargo include:

  • California LPFM renewal late filings,
  • Activity related to the 2021 EAS National Periodic Test,
  • Requests for amendments to applications previously handled by REC,
  • License to cover applications for construction permits previously handled by REC (and non-handled requests made through EZform),
  • Modification of license applications (antenna, feedline, TPO changes) made through EZform,
  • Resumption of operations for silent STAs previously handled by REC,
  • STA and modification applications due to a natural disaster occuring during the embargo,
  • Consummation notices for assignments previously handled by REC,
  • Application filings for §312(g) situations (station close to reaching one year of silence), and
  • Application filings related to expiring  construction permits.
  • Basic advice requests via email.  Phone support will be unavailable during the embargo.

REC EZforms will still be available through the embargo.  Renewal requests for OR/WA/AK/HI/Guam/CNMI will be first looked at after the embargo is lifted or expires. License application requests sent through EZforms will be monitored and will be immediately handled if it is an exception to the embargo. 

LPFM, FM and Translator interests needing work done are requested to place your requests and pay prior to the embargo start.  We will work those requests during the embargo as long as they are secured prior to the embargo date.

Those who have put in NCE Show of Interest forms that have not already heard from us should expect to hear from us over the next two weeks.   We will start securing solutions and taking payments in August.  Exhibits will be prepared in September.  Applications will be filed in November.    We are still accepting new NCE show of interests at this time and will likely continue until the end of September based on the volume of viable applications that need to be filed.  

Those who place NCE Show of Interest forms during the embargo will be handled after the embargo concludes subject to REC's conflict of interest policy.

Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Michelle Bradley, CBT
REC Networks