Public Notice of the filing of Broadcast applications/TV station ancillary and supplementary services reporting

This is a proceeding that has spawned from 17-105 that address two issues.  First it eliminates a report that is filed by full service TV stations regarding the use of their signal for non-broadcast supplemental services such as datacasting.  Under the proposed rules, only the stations that engage in supplemental services would need to submit reports as they do pay fees on the revenues from provision of those services.  This proceeding also proposes to allow full-service, FM translator and booster applicants to make public notice of certain broadcast applications to be disclosed over the internet in lieu of local newspapers.  The NPRM also seeks comments on modifying the required on-air public notice announcements (e.g. license renewals) can refer listeners to a website instead of broadcasting the information over the air.  

Requirements for local public notice of filing of broadcast applications including on-air announcements of renewals (§73.3580) does not apply to LPFM stations per §73.801.  Therefore this has no impact on LPFM stations.  Broadcast applications are available for view the next day in the FCC CDBS Public Access system as well as on REC's http://fcc.todayand will be eventually published in the Broadcast Applications public notice that appears in the daily digest.

REC supports this rulemaking as it removes a burden on full-power stations and translators.

05/20/2019: Due to the reinterpretation of 47 USC §311(a)(1) which willl now require LPFM stations to file public notices, REC has filed a Motion to Leave to File Late Comments and Comments asking that the issue of public notice be reopened for LPFM stations and especially for new entrants as under the current rules, it may cost up to $1,000 to place public notices in big city newspapers when they only need coverage in a small area.  REC is asking that LPFM be addressed on a further notice of proposed rulemaking or an NPRM in a different proceeding, such as any possible NPRM related to LPFM in the future.  This is an issue that needs to be resolved prior to the filing window. 


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