REC LP-250 Proposal

Proposed to create a new class of service to allow many LPFM stations to upgrade from a 5.6 km service contour to a 7.1 km service contour by operating at a power equivilent to 250 watts at 30 meters height above average terrain.  Updates to the Petition through Reply Comments and in MB Docket 17-105 suggested a "hybrid" method of protection using a combination of minimum distance separation and contour overlap in a manner that is consistent with the LCRA.  Allow LPFM stations that meet certain qualifications to upgrade automatically and notify the FCC if they made the upgrade.  Increase the distance LPFM stations are allowed to change on a minor move.  New provisions in the assignment and transfer rules to address "failing" LPFM stations.

A considerable number of LPFM stations would be able to upgrade on their current channel while many others would be able to upgrade wiht a channel change.  Some upgrades may require new antennas or other methods to protect second adjacent channel stations.  The change to minor moves would bring the policy to a manner consistent with FM translators and without the need for wavier requests.  The "hybrid" method proposed will open up new opportunities for new stations in a future filing window.

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