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08-21-2023 6:00AM - Read about updates to the CAP Viewer Tool: removal of marine links, retention period, archive list by state

08-24-2023 9:45AM - Resumption of National Weather Service non-severe weather information (except marine weather)

This is a simple retrieval tool that will query the REC database for alerts that have been received through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's IPAWS All Hazards feed. This will include alerts that are intended for the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) as well as severe weather related National Weather Service alerts which currently do not go over EAS through IPAWS/CAP. Non-severe weather information (except marine weather) is also available through the NWS feed..

Current RECOT: 2024-07-21 09:31:01 [What is RECOT?]

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