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WSIE Installs Heil Mics

Radio World - 3 hours 48 min ago
Jason Church

From our “Who’s Buying What” page: WSIE 88.7 “The Sound” recently put in a bunch of Heil Sound microphones as part of a studio upgrade project. The mics were donated by the manufacturer.

The station at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville installed 14 PR30s as well as PL2T booms and PRSM shockmounts. The mics are being used in its main studio, production and voice tracking rooms.

[See Our Who’s Buying What Page]

Jason Church is director of operations and general manager at The Sound. Heil quoted him as saying that at WSIE, students are taught skills that apply to traditional radio, streaming, podcasting, YouTube and other media. “They come here and work on real equipment and learn to present themselves on the air in a professional manner.”

The school and the manufacturer are both located near St. Louis. Their partnership was arranged by Michelle Levitt, marketing director for Heil Sound, who was contacted by a representative at the school about underwriting partners.

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The InFOCUS Podcast: Jodi Susman, Penthera

Radio+Television Business Report - 5 hours 56 min ago

Penthera offers a suite of streaming products to OTT providers designed to improve the video experience for their users. Its technology assists in the reduction or elimination of buffering and video quality issues, ensuring that stream abandonment doesn’t happen.

The company has just released a study that looks at the habits and preferences of U.S. Hispanics toward streaming video. Given their role as first-adopters of technology, we believe the findings are important for all in the TV industry to understand.

What’s the biggest takeaway Penthera can share? Its Chief Marketing Officer, Jodi Susman, offers details in this InFOCUS Podcast presented by dot.FM.


Listen to “The InFOCUS Podcast: Jodi Susman, Penthera” on Spreaker.

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Your Listeners Have Many Choices

Radio World - 8 hours 57 min ago
Clubhouse Drop-in audio chat app logo on the App Store is displayed on a phone screen. (Photo Illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

More than ever I am paralyzed by choice.

I first recognized this syndrome way back in the days of Blockbuster. I’d spend 45 minutes looking at movies and leave with nothing. I experience this now with Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and podcast platforms.

Trader Joe’s has capitalized on this uncomfortable consumer experience by offering fewer choices. Instead of 10 choices of mustard, there are two or three.

As I attempt to listen to the latest audio talk apps, 10 zillion podcasts and nearly every song ever released, I can’t stop thinking about choice.

In a world of many audio choices, broadcast radio is the solid utility. With finite choices on radio, it’s easy to decide; this obvious intrinsic advantage is one we take it for granted.

I hope the big guns in our industry are constantly engaging the auto industry regarding the ongoing expansion of the new immersive car dashboard. Ignoring broadcast radio’s placement on the evolving car radio real estate is perilous.

Stay focused

There’s no question that we continue to deliver our product to smart speakers, apps and other live streaming platforms, so we’re in the game and can continue to grow revenue.

However, let’s not lose focus! For the foreseeable future, we should continue to pour power into promoting broadcast properties and reasons to tune in. This is where radio wins.

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I’m not opposed to promoting listening on digital platforms, but there is limited air time and advertising money to invest in sparking interest for tune-in.

When I hear stations promoting listening on a smart speaker or app four times an hour, I wonder if the station is missing a chance to promote a reason to actually tune in. By now, don’t our audiences know we’re on all these platforms?

Growing audience on digital platforms requires a specific on-platform approach that is often missing from promotional strategy.

However I’d be remiss if I didn’t salute Clubhouse. This latest Talk app, is a natural social media evolution. Their promotional geniuses created demand and buzz by limiting listening to “invitation only.”

It was born on iPhone. Android arrived only in May.

Not listened yet? Browse topics, click on one and hear amateur hosts pontificate to micro-audiences. Raise your hand and join the conversation.

Sometimes it’s more like a conference call than a talk show. It’s sad news for Clubhouse that this is easy to replicate, as Clubhouse will be challenged by Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Leher, Riffr, Spoon, and even LinkedIn.

A threat to local radio? Not in terms of obtaining consistently large local audiences, or competing for local advertising. Still, if I were searching for new talent, I’d be hunting for those rare natural hosts who could be groomed for radio.

What about podcasts? Talk about choices! I subscribe to 20. I listen regularly to four.

With hundreds of thousands of podcasts, discovery is an issue. The potential is huge with explosive younger listener growth.

Will podcasting steal hours from broadcast radio, or grow overall time spent listening to audio? I’m going with the latter, but so much depends on the quality of local radio. Jukeboxes will eventually fail. Winners will have compelling local talent; local information; local entertainment; local community involvement and yes even local news (bring it back!).

The future of local radio depends on the choices we make today.

[Read more Promo Power columns by Mark Lapidus.]

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Roland Extends Go:Mixer Line

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 21:05

Talk about a really small mobile package for radio stations, Roland has beefed up its Go:Mixer Pro smartphone outboard audio mixer peripheral with features that a radio crew might find of use.

The battery-operable Go:Mixer Pro-X expanded support for Android and iOS mobile devices, a guitar/bass input pad switch, and the ability to use a headset mic or the inline mic on smartphone earbuds as a sound source.

[Check Out More Products at Radio World’s Products Section]

Up to seven audio sources can be used: XLR microphone (with 48 V phantom power), electric guitar or bass, a stereo instrument like a keyboard or drum machine and two stereo line-level devices. The headphone jack supports an additional mic feed, and a loop back function allows music and other audio from a connected mobile device to be mixed in as well.

Go:Mixer Pro-X is equipped with both USB Micro-B and four-pole TRRS analog jacks, providing plug-and-play operation with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Three different cables ship with the mixer, providing connection to Lightning, USB-C, and four-pole TRRS jacks on mobile devices. Power is via four AAA-size batteries or through the device connection when the USB Micro-B connector is used.

The Go:Mixer Pro-X is expected to ship in August with a price of $149.99.

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Giles Gets Top Spot For ViacomCBS’s Streaming Programming Plan

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 16:25

Each of ViacomCBS’ global content leaders have been elevated as part of a structure shift that places each of these executives in charge of their respective genres within Paramount+.

The big announcement: Tanya Giles has been selected to serve as a centralized programming head to chart content strategy for Paramount+ and Pluto TV globally.

Giles, who currently serves as General Manager of MTV Entertainment Group, will become Chief Programming Officer for Streaming. It’s a newly created role, in which Giles will oversee and execute “a holistic programming strategy” for the global content offering across both Paramount+ and Pluto TV, maximizing mix, prioritization, timing and impact of ViacomCBS resources, franchises and brands “to drive sustained audience acquisition and engagement.”

She will report to Tom Ryan, President and CEO of ViacomCBS Streaming. “Tanya is a stellar media executive who brings a deep familiarity with our brands and audiences, as well as an unmatched talent for harnessing data to make high-impact programming decisions,” Ryan said. “Our content leaders know their genres better than anyone and have been integral to building a strong slate for Paramount+ and growing its audience. Our new structure will enable us to tap into their collective expertise even more effectively, further cementing Paramount+ as a true super service that delivers the content audiences love, all in one place.”

The “global content leaders” mentioned at the top of this report?

Here’s what is about to transpire:

  • George Cheeks, President and Chief Executive Officer at CBS, will also serve as Chief Content Officer of News & Sports at Paramount+.
  • Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Pictures, will also serve as Chief Content Officer of Movies at Paramount+.
  • Bruce Gillmer, President of Music, Music Talent, Programming & Events, will also serve as Chief Content Officer of Music at Paramount+.
  • Chris McCarthy, President of the MTV Entertainment Group, will also serve as Chief Content Officer, Unscripted Entertainment and Adult Animation for Paramount+.
  • David Nevins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Showtime Networks, will also serve as Chief Content Officer of Scripted Originals at Paramount+.
  • Nicole Clemens will broaden her responsibilities as President of Paramount Television Studios (PTVS) to include the role of President for Paramount+ Original Scripted Series. She now will lead original scripted content for Paramount+, reporting to Nevins.
  • Brian Robbins, President of Kids & Family Entertainment, will also serve as Chief Content Officer of Kids & Family at Paramount+.

As part of the realignment, Kelly Day, President of Streaming and Chief Operating Officer, ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI), will work closely with Giles and ViacomCBS’ content leaders “to ensure the company is executing against its global streaming strategy.” Day will continue to report to Tom Ryan and Raffaele Annecchino, President and CEO of VCNI.

Scott Mills will continue to oversee BET+ in his capacity as President, BET, reporting to Nevins.


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M6 Group Will Use Quortex Streaming

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 16:17

Streaming services provider Quortex has won a contract from the French radio/TV broadcaster and multimedia company M6 Group.

M6 will use Quortex I/O SaaS to stream its radio services. Both companies are based in France. M6 brands include radio stations RTL, RTL2 and Funradio.

[See Our Who’s Buying What Page]

The announcement was made by Marc Baillavoine, CEO of France-based Quortex, and Valéry Gerfaud, chief of digital innovation technology at M6 Group.

Quortex said it provides “an end-to-end, turnkey service, from the mezzanine feed to the end-user” and is compliant with HLS streaming protocol.

Gerfaud was quoted saying, “M6 Group is the first mover in the French market regarding HLS, and we are looking forward to upcoming developments, such as the integration of dynamic ad insertion and content protection.”

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Chaos, Frustration Mark Key Consumer Concerns on Streaming Video

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 16:15

Too many choices. Viewer fatigue. Fragmentation. Restricted access.

As OTT and advertising-fueled video on demand (AVOD) services continue to gain speed, both from a marketer and consumer perspective, new research indicates that everyday viewers are getting increasingly frustrated.

What could this mean for the entire television industry?

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A Top Local TV Leader Readies For Retirement

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 15:59

In 2020, she was ranked as one of RBR+TVBR‘s top Local TV Leaders, based on her longtime presence in the Motor City and as the head of the local NBC affiliate since 2008.

It is now known that this nationally recognized VP/GM will soon retire from the Graham Media Group-owned station, ending an exemplary career in broadcast television.

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Brake Is Cumulus Ops Manager in Savannah

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 11:17

In People News: Don Brake has been promoted to become the new operations manager for Cumulus Media in Savannah, Ga.

That cluster includes country station KIX 96/WJCL(FM), urban outlet E93/WEAS(FM), urban station Magic 103.9/WTYB(FM) and classic rock station I-95/WIXV(FM).

[Visit Radio World’s People News Page]

Brake will also be program director for KIX 96. He succeeds Gerry McCracken, who is retiring.

Brake will move from Beaumont, Texas, where he has been PD and host of a midday country music show. His background includes programming and operations positions for Cumulus and other companies in markets including Morgantown, W.Va.; Frederick, Md.; Binghamton, N.Y.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Hagerstown, Md./Chambersburg, Pa.

The announcement was made by Regional VP Eric Mastel.

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Another University Puts An FM on the Market

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 11:15

In recent years, institutions of higher learning have decided that operating a radio station is no longer in the best interests of that school. As a result, WBRU-FM in Providence on Sept. 1, 2017 bid farewell. There are other FMs that have faded into the sunset, sold off by colleges.

The latest college to join the list of station sellers is an Ivy League school along the Vermont/New Hampshire border.

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Inside the June 23, 2021 Issue of Radio World

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 11:10

Further relaxation of ownership rules seems unlikely, but the FCC now is seeking to refresh the record before it completes its 2018 Quadrennial Review.

Inexpensive adapters help with an AoIP EAS connection.

A radio station in Ontario is delighted with the money it is saving by switching to wind and sun power.

Also: Promo Power, apps from AIM and products from AudioLogger, Shure, MOVO, Inovonics and ENCO.

Read it here.

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Family Ties To Continue For Roanoke-Area AM

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 11:00

It’s been the “voice of Franklin County” since 1957, serving an area to the south of Roanoke, Virginia, with classic Country music and a mix of news and community-focused programming including an on-air Swap Shop.

Now, this Virginia Class B AM is trading hands, as is the FM translator assigned to this heritage facility.

But, no changes are expected, keeping WYTI in the family following the November 2020 passing of its longtime owner, Bill Jefferson.

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Cumulus Transfers Brake To Key Coastal Empire Roles

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 10:59

He’s a 30-year radio broadcasting veteran who joined Cumulus Media in 2018.

Now, this longtime programming and operations leader is transferring from the company’s “Texas Country” FM serving the Beaumont-Port Arthur area of the Lone Star State to the center of Georgia’s Coastal Empire: Savannah.

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MMTC To Welcome ex-FCC Chairs at Virtual Symposium

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 10:18

One was the Chairman of the FCC when its cross-ownership rules were enact.

Another was the FCC’s Chairman that successfully, thanks to the Supreme Court’s input, erased many of those rules through “modernization” efforts allowing for common ownership of TV and radio, or newspaper and radio, assets in a given market.

They’ll be joined by the agency’s chairman during the second term of Bill Clinton as President, and by an interim FCC leader who, in taking the role, became the first female Chair of the Commission.

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After Three Years, Salem To Get Back Seattle AM

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 10:15

In May 2018, a station swap was consummated that saw Salem Media Group trade a Class B AM serving the Seattle-Tacoma market to a company based in San Jose, Calif.

The agreement handed Salem the keys of an AM in Portland, Ore., it had been operating via an LMA with the station’s new owner, Intelli LLC.

Now, Intelli is selling that Seattle property to Salem.

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WorldDAB Celebrates Automotive Penetration

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 09:50

WorldDAB is highlighting the number of new cars in Europe that now ship with DAB+ as a standard feature.

“In the second half of 2020, over 80% of new cars in key European markets came with DAB+ radio as standard, a dramatic increase on the same period in 2019,” the organization stated in releasing a market report.

“This step-change reflects the impact of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), which, from December 2020, requires all new car radios in the EU to be capable of receiving digital terrestrial radio.”

President Patrick Hannon was quoted saying that the numbers “demonstrate that DAB+ is firmly established as the core future platform for radio in Europe,” and he said progress in Germany, France, Italy and Benelux “has been particularly impressive.”

The report stated that as of the end of 2020, about 100 million consumer and automotive DAB/DAB+ receivers had been sold in Europe and Asia Pacific, “up from 92 million six months year earlier.”

The organization also released a detailed infographic with the rollout status in various markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Five Steps for Better Online Public Speaking

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 09:15

By Rosemary Ravinal

Public speaking is the foundation of leadership. Whether you are facilitating an online meeting, delivering a new business pitch, representing your company on an industry panel, doing a podcast interview, or speaking at a condo board meeting, how well you communicate will set you apart.

Public speaking mastery is hard work and requires tons of practice and great coaching.  But if you take your delivery alone and the mental blocks that hold you back from greatness, there are a few things you can do improve right away.

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Salem to Standardize on WideOrbit Automation

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 09:00

Automation provider WideOrbit has snagged a big win, reaching agreement with Salem Media Group to covert its radio properties to WO Automation for Radio.

Salem has 99 radio stations. WideOrbit said 56 of those in the top 25 U.S. markets.

Scott Foster is senior VP of engineering at Salem Media Group.

The announcement was made by WideOrbit VP of Radio Automation William “Dub” Irvin and Salem SVP of Engineering Scott Foster.

“Implementations are set to begin in July 2021 and will complete in 2023. Once implementations begin, 13 of the top 20 radio operators in North America will be powered by WO Automation for Radio,” the company said in its announcement.

Version 5 of the automation software was released this year; the manufacturer emphasizes its improved remote voice tracking capabilities and native apps to run live shows remotely.

Salem is an existing user of WO Traffic; the software company said integration with the automation platform will enable live log editing, playlist delivery, real-time reconciliation and automatic start and stop date synchronization between the two.

The automation system will also integrate with Salem’s MusicMaster music scheduling system.

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Greg Shay on AoIP Empowering Broadcast

Radio World - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 07:00

This is one in a series of articles from the ebook “The Real World of AoIP.”

This story is excerpted from the ebook “The Real World of AoIP.” Click the cover to read it for free.

Radio World recently asked several manufacturers to identify the most important technical development or trend in the use of audio over IP.

“The biggest trend in 2021,” said Greg Shay, CTO of Telos Alliance, “is the empowering of live broadcast facilities to use the full range of IT industry resources, including public and private server resources, global fiber optic networks, failover redundancy, all at global competitive costs, and the personnel to support it all.”

He said the experience of the pandemic supercharged the demand for broadcasting from anywhere, from home, and forced less reliance on purpose-built facilities.

“Both sides, the broadcaster and the IT service provider, have learned more of what it takes to operate the Professional broadcast facility over IP,” Shay said.

“Social networks blazed a trail for personal broadcasting, using no more end equipment than a phone. The hitch is that it ‘works when it works, as well as it works.’ I maintain this is not due to the underlying technology but comes from assumptions made in how it is deployed.”

So far, he noted, professional broadcasters produce content with highly hardware-centric facilities.

“Where is the coming together in the middle? Is all that hardware plant, duplicating the global IT infrastructure, really required to reliably create, produce and deliver professional commercial content?

The answer to produce the reliable, always-on broadcast channel, Shay said, is to leverage the same global IT infrastructure that underpins the social networks, but with the resource allocation and planning for consistency needed by commercial users.

“It is not good enough ‘if it works when it works’, it has to always work,” he said.

“Audio over IP was the entryway for getting professional audio broadcasting onto the IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure providers are now becoming aware of the needs and requirements of the commercial professional broadcasters, and are stepping up the level of their services, both operationally and contractually, to meet those needs.”

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RTDNA: Local News Representation Gap Shrinks Slowly

Radio+Television Business Report - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 06:06

For the fifth year in a row, representation of people of color in local TV news improved overall and, for the fourth year in a row, a record high percentage of the local TV news workforce are people of color.

That’s according to the final installment of the 2021 RTDNA/Newhouse School at Syracuse University Survey.

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