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California Comments recordings in 1984

1984 saw the birth of a phone line. Working with few limited resources against lines with superior production like Telephun and Paul Mack Presents, "Calcom" tries to capture the hearts of callers.

LA-001 (07/20/84) - The original wait-tape.

The Six Minute Classics

The first 22 REC tapes were only 6 minutes long as they were played on a conventional answering machine with a 6-minute loop tape purchased from Sandy's Electronics in Canoga Park. In 1998, we took the 6 minute classics and edited them into 4 full length specials. Listen to each one and enjoy!

Volume 1 - Tapes 2 through 6 (Jul/Aug 1984)

Volume 1 - Tapes 7 through 11 (August 1984)

Volume 1 - Tapes 12 through 16 (Aug/Sep 1984)

Volume 1 - Tapes 17 through 22 (Sep/Oct 1984)

The Record-A-Call 675 Days

The day that REC first went on the air, we have searched and searched for an answering machine that would play a outgoing message longer than 6 minutes. We found it with the Record-A-Call 675. During this time, we operated on 700-8500 for output with the '675 playing the main output and the old Radio Shack machine was set to answer in 4 rings. The Radio Shack machine would only answer if the '675 is rewinding the output tape. This was the same way that Telephun did it when they ran the '675. Here are some of the tapes that were produced during this period:

LA-023 (10/22/84) - 'Live from Bonkers'-Mike Wolfman-Gina Van Nuys

LA-024 (10/29/84) - MIA

LA-025 (11/05/84) - 'Wallymania' Special with Mike Wolfman

LA-026 (11/12/84) - 'Hot for Teacher' with Mike Wolfman

LA-027 (11/18/84) - 'Unfortunate Vacation' with Mike Wolfman

LA-028 (11/25/84) - 'H-T-G' with Mike Wolfman

LA-029 (12/03/84) - Liz North Hollywood/Scott Chatsworth/Rona Van Nuys/Mike Wolfman

LA-030 (12/10/84) - 'Too Close to Cozycroft' with Dave Burbank and Mike Wolfman

LA-031 (12/17/84) - 'Ka-ren! Ka-ren!' (Karen Grateful Dead on Wally George's 'Hot Seat')

LA-032 (12/23/84) - 'Calcom's First Christmas'

LA-033 (12/30/84) - MIA